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Meet Gilly

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Gilly Smith

I’m an award-winning food writer and podcaster who’s been writing and making radio, television and podcasts since the early ’90s.

I’ve written lots of books, mainly about the influence of culture of food in its various forms, as well as articles for the national press and academic journals, largely about food, philosophy and ethical travel.

I’m the producer and presenter of the following podcasts:

Cooking the Books with Gilly Smith

the delicious podcast

Leon’s How to Eat to Save the Planet 

Philip Lymbery, global CEO of Compassion in World Farming’s podcast The Big Table

The Borough Market Podcast


My book, Taste and the TV Chef won the 2020 Gourmand Award for best UK food writing and the International Impact Award 2021.


I also host writing podcasting and writing retreats at my home in East Sussex, and Cooking the Books Supper Club where some of my favourite food writers cook and talk in depth about their books with a small group of food fans.

For eight years, I was a  part-time senior lecturer at the University of Brighton where I taught radio and TV journalism and digital storytelling. I also held workshops with staff and PhD students on how to tell stories about their academic research. I use all of these skills in all sorts of creative ways. Email me if you’d like to find out more!

Contact me at or call 07930 400805

And if you fancy supporting what I do, click here to donate whatever you like 😊 

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