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It’s all about the planet

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Welcome to Season THREE of Cooking the Books! Next week, we start with a bang and a brand new sponsor with Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage on the four food moments in their new book, Flavour. But this week, ahead of my weekend webinars on how to eat to save the planet to launch my new book Taste and the TV Chef, I had to invite the mighty eco chef, Tom Hunt to put all the issues on the table.

His stunning Bristol restaurant, Poco was my last night out before an early voluntary lockdown and a glorious reminder of how many people are into beautiful, healthy, sustainable, thoughtful food and provenance that could not only halt the terrifying heating of the planet but spread the love across the food system. His manifesto in his book Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet tells us exactly how to do it. ‘Shake the hand that feeds you’ has become a mantra by campaigners begging us to become accountable for the choices we make in the food we buy, and Tom’s first food moment explains why knowing your farmer is so important.

Have a listen and then click here to register for the first of two free webinars on Friday September 18th 12-1pm to discuss how influence works in changing the way we eat.

The Influencers with Melissa Hemsley, Thomasina Miers, Philip Lymbery and Jo Ralling of The Food Foundation is all about how we change the national conversation and make good food accessible to everyone and save the planet. Food, Farming and the Future on Monday 12-1pm with landowner (and Mr Glyndebourne) Gus Christie, heritage wheat farmer, Abi Aspen, hyper local gourmet chef, George Thomas at Brighton’s Isaac At and sustainable B&B host at Starnash Farmhouse, Vicky Radtke tell us what life can look like with a little imagination and a lot of pluck. If you love food, join in and be on the right side of history.

Click here for the link PIN: ‪458 635 131 9170#‬.

To buy the book, click here


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